Case Study: Sinem

My name is Sinem, I am 20 years old and I am from London. My parents migrated from Greece 30 years ago. Having dual nationality has spurred my interest in Politics and International Studies so I study this at Warwick University.

I am enjoying my course a lot, but my favourite thing about Politics and International Studies is being able to study many different, and often, random topics, as they all relate back to my course. However, this has been the most challenging aspect too as I have had to juggle many topics at once and complete many deadlines on the same day!

My proudest achievement this year has been interning at Unlocked (a charity which works for the Ministry of Justice to reduce reoffending rates in the UK). I even managed to visit a prison and meet some prisoners. The Sir Simon Milton Foundation scholarship has helped me a lot with this internship as I was able to fund my travels.

The scholarship has helped me in every aspect of my education. However, it has helped me the most in funding my travel expenses to campus (which is incredibly expensive) as well the essential textbooks I need for my course.

My plans for the next academic year are to complete a dissertation on the impact that ethnic minorities have socially, financially and politically on the UK - which I am very excited about. For my dissertation’s research I will be travelling a lot and the scholarship will help me incredibly with this. This academic year has allowed me to make final decisions about my future and I am now confident I would love to work in a field which gives back to society and helps those most in need. Once I have graduated I look forward to working in real life political situations.

I believe in excellent education for all, unfortunately some people in our society are unable to access higher education due to financial barriers. This is unfair. Everyone should have the chance to develop themselves through education, but unfortunately individuals get left behind and fall through gaps that still need to be closed. The Sir Simon Milton Foundation is an incredible institute which single handedly aims to tackle this issue, especially in Westminster. They are the heroes of our society. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the Sir Simon Milton Foundation for all their support.