Case Study: Yasmin

Having a fervent interest in politics, government and the art of governance, it was a natural choice to pursue the subject at university. However, as many have seen, the cost of education is on the rise. Whether it be the £9,000 per annum sum or the cost of living or both combined into one, finances are a worry for all.

I applied for the Sir Simon Milton Scholarship after being told about it by my sixth form, Pimlico Academy. With this being one of the most generous bursaries available in any London borough, I applied with the goal of using the awarded sum of £10,000 wisely.

It is important to understand in today’s climate, a degree is essential in achieving something in life - both in the respect of intellectual development and career options. Being awarded the Sir Simon Milton Scholarship has further motivated me to do the best I can in my studies at a Russell Group university.

I owe the Sir Simon Milton Foundation a huge thank you for allowing me to achieve the best I can through this scholarship.