Case Study: Shireen

My name is Shireen and I was born in Iraq in 1997 and moved to London when I was 9 months old. Growing up in a typical Iraqi/Kurd household, education was very much a number one priority for me and my siblings.

My primary life was very like your typical primary school student and I was always in the higher groups because of my academic abilities, this carried on throughout secondary school. As a result of this teachers would take me on academic trips to different lectures/talks predominately those which involve maths as this was my favourite subject growing up.

Halfway through my final year of sixth form I was diagnosed with a collapsed left lung, which meant the hospital became my second home and I would spend an awful amount of my time there as well as trying to revise for my mock exams. Unfortunately surgery to correct the problem was unsuccessful which meant I needed to undergo lung surgery.

I had my lung surgery on 30th June 2016 and thankfully recovery was fairly quick, I managed to achieve good grades for my A-Levels and I was extremely happy that I had gotten this far and I had been accepted into my first choice to study Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London.

I was informed about the Sir Simon Milton Foundation Scholarship by my sixth form teacher at the very beginning of my first year at university, and how this scholarship is designed to help fund young people who are at an academic disadvantage as well as those of a low household income. Having both parents unemployed and my mother being my father’s carer, I decided to apply and take my chances. After applying I told myself that there was a very small chance I get accepted because of the amount of people that apply each year, however I was surprised when I received an email telling me I was accepted.

Thanks to the Sir Simon Milton Foundation I was luckily chosen to be awarded a scholarship to help aid my studies. Knowing how competitive my course is, receiving the scholarship motivated me to excel in this field and give 100% into my studies so I can achieve the best and being one step closer to achieving my goal.

I highly recommend others to apply for the Sir Simon Milton Scholarship.