Case Study: Sara

Being awarded the Sir Simon Milton Scholarship has undoubtedly greatly enhanced my university experience.

In the most basic sense, the fact that I do not need to worry about my rent, which is covered by the award, has been a great source of relief and allowed me to better immerse myself in what Oxford has to offer.

For instance, some of the money I would have spent on my rent has gone towards my Oxford Union and Law Society Memberships, both of which are highly prestigious organisations that have contributed a great deal to my enjoyment of Oxford.

Not only that, but the financial support has meant that I do not require a part-time job, during term or Christmas and Easter. This has been very important to my academic success as it has meant that I can focus solely on my studies, and revision.

At the end of my first year, I achieved a high 2.1, and I am certain that the scholarship facilitated my academic success.

I am hugely grateful to the Sir Simon Milton Foundation for their generosity and support which has, and, continues to allow me to succeed at Oxford.