Case Study: Connor

My name is Connor, I am 20 and I study Politics and Economics at the University of East Anglia.

The Sir Simon Milton Foundation Scholarship has made the impossible, possible for me. On a monetary level, the aspect of university was abstract to me as my family were not going to be able to support my living costs as our means simply do not allow it. Moreover, I am an ethnic minority who received free school meals; this meant the statistics looked bleak for me. As a result, I reconsidered the goal of university as the weight of the costs would just be too high.

However, I continued to show some promise academically and was urged to find other avenues to achieve my goals if the money at home would not allow it. On this search, I found out about the Foundation and their generous £10,000 scholarship, which has meant that I can attend university with no added financial burden on my family.

It would be very difficult to imagine how I would have been able to achieve what I achieved or let alone survive at university this past academic year without the Foundation’s support.

More importantly, this scholarship has reassured me that I belong at university and I feel truly honoured that such a prestigious Foundation has chosen to invest in me as a person. This only motivates me further to achieve the most I can every day as I have arrived to Norwich knowing that I had the ability to set myself apart from others.

The confidence the Foundation has instilled in me is priceless and is as valuable or maybe more so than the scholarship.