Case Study: Afagh

My name is Afagh and I am in my second year of BA International Relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. I applied for and was awarded the Sir Simon Milton Foundation Scholarship while in my first year of university, after reading about it in the Harris Westminster Sixth Form’s alumni newsletter.

The Foundation’s kindness in offering me this scholarship has been pivotal in allowing me to immerse myself in the world of academia; seize opportunities I would have otherwise been unable to; and enhance the overall university experience by relieving the strain of certain costs and fees.

Attending university was, and continues to be, incredibly important to me because it provides the safe space, intellectual stimulation, and resources to explore the discipline of international relations. Being able to study this subject is a privilege as I genuinely enjoy it and find the challenging content fascinating. I have been able to gather knowledge about all parts of the globe from those who have dedicated their lives to researching the social, political, economic history of the human condition. University is also a vital stage in the pursuit of my desired profession.

The scholarship from the Foundation meant that I could spend my breaks and summer undertaking valuable internships. For example, this summer I had the amazing opportunity to work at the AMAR Charitable Foundation, and Reprieve (a non-profit organisation of international lawyers and investigators). These internships meant that I could make more informed decisions about the career path I pursue after university.

The Foundation’s generosity has motivated me to work even harder on studies and focus solely on doing the best I possibly can as well as demonstrating the undeniable importance of higher education and helping others. It is with great pride that I continue with my undergraduate degree as a Sir Simon Milton Scholar.