Case Study: Moustafa

My name is Moustafa and I was born in London, England in 1996 to parents who migrated from Egypt. I grew up in a normal and very average family, with my father, mother and two younger brothers. But in the year 2005 my childhood would change forever when my parents divorced and I was left to live with my two younger brothers and my mother, who was completely dependent and had little money to support us. I would be forever inspired by my mother’s determination to be more self-reliant, as she went to university in SOAS, got her driving license and took care of her three children at the same time all by herself.

From my early years in Nursery, my parents and teachers noticed that I had a passion for building and creating. This has remained a passion and whilst in year 12 I realised I wanted to become an engineer, more specifically an Aerospace engineer, as I admired aeroplanes and rockets simply for their sheer incredibility and how much they have modernised the world.

I was informed about the Sir Simon Milton Foundation Scholarship by my Maths teacher just as I was about to depart from sixth form. I knew I had to support myself financially as I was about to enter adult life and I really couldn’t rely on my mother to support me, so therefore this scholarship was something I hoped to receive, simply because it would lower my debt when I hopefully graduate, putting less financial strain on me.

When I applied, I described how my determination has lead me to greatly improve my maths skills for it to be ready enough for university and how I admire the subject and hope to study it right through to PhD level. I would recommend all who have a passion for their subject to apply for the Sir Simon Milton Scholarship.