Case Study: Malachi

My name is Malachi aged 19. Since year 7 I have always tried to push myself academically, reaching for the highest possible grades I could achieve. I often struggled in many core subjects especially English and Maths. This limited not only my academic achievements but also my confidence in the classroom. After revising hard, I would question why I would still achieve average grades.

I soon learned I would have to work much harder to overcome this personal challenge.

Being awarded one of the first Sir Simon Milton Foundation Scholarships has allowed me to eliminate the factor of having to carry the weight of constant worry for living costs during my studies. The scholarship has enabled me to effectively challenge myself in and out of the classroom. The scholarship has allowed me to do this by giving me the opportunity to attend political exhibitions in my spare time rather than having to work all the time.

In all, I am very grateful to the Sir Simon Milton Foundation as it has been my catalyst in allowing me to bridge many gaps in my learning due to past limitations and putting me closer on a level playing field with my peers. By allowing me to delve deeper than the pages of the recommended reading leading, to gaining a deeper analysis of the world. With my new found privilege of education I can now give back to a community that turned the silent boy in the classroom into a voice.