Christmas hampers

Since 2013, the Sir Simon Milton Foundation started a programme to give Christmas hampers to some of the most disadvantaged older people in Westminster. In 2022 we were able to deliver 300 Christmas hampers to the city’s most vulnerable elderly residents and carers.

An Age UK study found that 873,000 older people have little or no contact with people over the Christmas period so this generous donation could not have come at a better time. The impact of this small gift is best expressed in some of the many moving messages of thanks from the recipients and their carers:

Peggy & Michael, said “Thank you very much for the Christmas hampers, it is very generous and very helpful, I have been in a wheelchair, so have not been getting out to shop. They are fantastic.”

Lila, said “It is wonderful of you to have sent this gift, I have never had a gift like this in my life, and I am 89! How kind of you to think of me. God bless you.”

A daughter on behalf of her mother said, "My mother has dementia but when I put the gift on her bed and she opened it she was absolutely thrilled. It was fabulous. Thank you so much"

We will be repeating this programme this year and hope to reach even more isolated and lonely older people. If you want to help, for example, by donating Christmas hampers, please get in touch with us.