Helping young people to aspire and older people to thrive

The Foundation is designed to build on the success of Sir Simon’s ‘One City’ policy –
a landmark initiative that aimed to provide young people with jobs and training.

Over the past 12 months we have achieved the following initiatives for young people in Westminster:

  • Awarded 17 Scholarships and Bursaries to students in their first year at university, helping them to afford to live and eat so that they can study.
  • Supported intellectually and financially the development of the Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College through the planning process, the funding agreement with the Department for Education and selection and appointment of the Principal (Designate) four terms early and the Vice Principal. The College remains on track to open in September 2017. We are actively recruiting pupils now!
  • Raised more funds than ever before, over £1m, enabling us to fund our growing programmes in support of young people in the City.